A name changer

There was an interesting paragraph in the email that introduced me to my editor for Ghost Girl.

“Throughout this process I’d like you both to be thinking about a different title for this book. We already have books with similar titles (Dead Girl and Grace’s Ghosts) and I’d like this one to stand out from them.”

Wait, what? A name change?
Which is funny, because I had just read a tweet that said authors shouldn’t get too caught in the name of their book as it will most likely change.
So, now I need a new title. Will you help? Here’s what the book is about:

14-year-old Abbey’s love/hate relationship with ghosts is tested when she’s stranded at a spooky summer camp. Her ability to see ghosts has lost her many friends—it scares people and really, who wants to hang out with the ghost girl?—but there’s something addictive about the experience, too. An escalating series of paranormal incidents at camp makes it clear a message is being sent. To solve the mystery, Abbey has to choose between her abilities & her new friends—history has shown she can’t have both. Abbey is not a happy camper!

UPDATE: The new title is Abnormally Abbey