Abnormally Abbey reviews are coming in

And I couldn’t be more excited! Here’s a sampling:

“My tween read the first chapter last night and laughed three times. Good sign.”

“Abnormally Abbey is the story of a quirky fourteen year old who gets stuck at a camp for kids with issues, but the camp isn’t just a tough love camp…there’s something very creepy going on. Strange deaths have occurred in previous years. Thousands of frogs die. And more. And for Abbey, the girl who has grown up seeing ghosts everywhere, the mysteries of the camp are ready to be unlocked. This book was very cute! It’s creepy but not too creepy for me and I have Ghostbumps level tolerance. It was definitely appropriate for upper middle grade and early YA readers and even for youth. It was funny. And even a little swoony at times. So it had the whole package.”

“I LOVE Abbey. She has an 80s song for every situation and she is a little weird but super responsible and driven and interesting. I liked all the ensemble as well. Also really clever pop culture references. I loved these lines: “Okay, I could handle this. No digging. No holes. No lady warden with rattlesnake venom in her fingernail polish.”

“I thought Abbey was fun and quirky, and I loved how she managed to find an 80s song reference for every scenario. It was well paced, and the mystery kept building as I read on. From the moment she mentioned her mother’s disappearance, I wanted to know what happened to her, and how it would tie into Abbey’s nightmare summer!”

“It was spooky, but it wasn’t cheesily spooky, if that makes sense. Evans gave ghost stories his own spin, and it paid off. Overall, I really enjoyed this book! And it’s perfect for spooky season!”

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