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Beta read my new novel

Ever want to be an insider on a book’s journey to publication?

Long before a book reaches an editor, there are people who offer their insight to authors. I don’t care if you’re Orson Scott Card, John Sandford, or James Patterson; most authors use them.

Who are they? They’re beta readers.

A beta reader is someone who reads a book manuscript with an eye toward providing feedback to the author. Though beta readers are not editors or professional critics, they can play an important role in helping the author improve the work by pointing out errors, plot holes, inconsistencies, or unclear passages. Think of them as a test audience.

Beta readers are not there to proofread the manuscript but can often answer questions such as:

  • Does each scene flow naturally into the next?
  • Did you feel there were any areas that skipped over information?
  • Can you see the action clearly while reading?
  • Can you see the characters clearly while reading?
  • Does the dialogue sound natural and realistic?
  • Does the character development feel natural?
  • Who is your least favorite character and why?
  • What’s your favorite part and why?
  • Did you have a least favorite part? What is it and why?

Would you like to beta-read my new book?
I recently wrote a stand-alone novel called Anomaly, and I’d love to have your eyes on it. If it sounds interesting, drop me a line at allan@evanswriter and put Beta Reader in the subject line.

The new book
Here’s a little about Anomaly:

As far as teenage boys go, Henry Davenport is a breath of fresh air. Quirky, sensitive, and intelligent, he’s unlike anyone else you’ll meet. Turns out there’s a reason for that. When his DNA test results come back labeled ANOMALY, it raises alarming questions.

Is Henry adopted? Is he completely human? What about his unusual abilities that have only recently shown up? Are they a result of his unique DNA? Is that why a government agent is following him?

As Henry tries to uncover the truth about his identity, the pressure from the agent mounts, and he finds himself facing a critical decision. Should he hide from his origins and the agent or go on offense, using his new abilities to fight back against the rogue agent? Either way, the consequences of his decision could end his small-town life as he knows it.

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