Memories of Prince

Four years ago, the world lost someone who could never be replaced.

I was born some six months after Prince and although I grew up in the same Twin Cities as Prince, we were in completely different worlds and never

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Losing a loved one

We’ve lost Harvey.

Our lovable, quirky, sweet as the first bite of Halloween candy (Halloween was Harvey’s birthday) cocker spaniel has died. It’s been several weeks now, but it’s still difficult to think about.

Harvey was a force of nature, …

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Killer Blonde news

I have news!

Immortal Works Press—who is publishing Abnormally Abbey—is also publishing my serial killer thriller. Set in Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Killer Blonde follows State Patrol investigator Cade Dawkins as he discovers a grizzly pattern in a series of one-car fatalities. …

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Fear and proofreading

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” — Joseph Campbell

My ABNORMALLY ABBEY manuscript has been through several rounds with my editor and was sent to proofreading. This is the last step before layout and design. …

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Book Update

New title
First, we have a name change! Ghost Girl is now Abnormally Abbey. The name change was needed because of two similar titles in the Immortal Works library. I love this new title because:

  • The inspiration for the main
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A name changer

There was an interesting paragraph in the email that introduced me to my editor for Ghost Girl.

“Throughout this process I’d like you both to be thinking about a different title for this book. We already have books with similar

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Writing gone wrong

There are moments in life when you’re presented an opportunity.
I think some people may ignore these moments, but as a writer I find I cannot resist the temptation to use my writing gift in moments such as these. Case
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