Book Update

New title
First, we have a name change! Ghost Girl is now Abnormally Abbey. The name change was needed because of two similar titles in the Immortal Works library. I love this new title because:

  • The inspiration for the main character is my daughter, Abbey.
  • The title sets it apart from more generic titles.
  • It capture the teen sentiment of believing that you’re different than anyone else, even though you desperately want to fit in.

The editing rounds are complete and the manuscript is with proofreading at the moment. To be honest, I’d be absolutely mortified if they found anything after I’ve been through the manuscript nearly a hundred times!

I’ve just submitted the sequel, Class Clown, to Immortal Works. In one sentence, here’s what’s it about: That awkward moment when you realize you’re responsible for your high school’s clown apocalypse. I hope they like it!

What’s next?
I’m beginning a new book. This one takes place in the Cade Dawkins (Killer Blonde) universe. What’s the premise? Unlike in the movies, not all assassins are elite…

Thanks for reading!

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