Class Clown reviews

“Dramatic, eventful and full of twists and turns. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this and the character development was really well done. I liked the adventurous side of it and the smart strong character.”

“Abbey is really a great, strong, fun character and carries the story incredibly well. I love her sense of self, her snarkiness, her taste in music – on top of all the other dramas and messes of high school, everything blends so well and is a really intoxicating read.”

“This is the first book I’ve read by this author and – let me tell you – it will NOT be the last. This Young Adult Paranormal is led by a wonderful female character, Abbey, and is full of twists and turns that will keep you hooked.”

“This book is a total thrill ride from beginning to end. The twists and turns will leave you on edge, peeking over your shoulder. This is a great book with a unique story that I highly recommend.”

“This book lacks nothing as far as capturing you and dragging you into a story about life, growing up, navigating the hardship of high school and …clowns.”

“Extremely interesting read and a diverse range of characters. It’s story that just keep giving.”

“At every turn this book surprised me.”

“I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect going in but once I started I found myself having a hard time putting it down.”

“Well I couldn’t put it down, and when I tried a few hours later I had to finish it. I loved it!”

“I think this book could be enjoyed by many young teens to adults. The teen angst is relatable, and the paranormal aspects add another layer that adds a lot to the story.”

“I found myself totally immersed and really enjoying the spooky atmosphere that this book gives off. I particularly enjoyed the way the light and funny nature of a sarcastic teen went with a spooky clown appocolypse. Abbey is a great MC to follow. She is brave, and easily creates relationships that make the book an enjoyable ride. I love how she lives with this crazy ability, and not only does she make the best of it, she never backs down from helping.”

“This read is a fast paced, turning pages late into the night and you will want to make sure you read it with the lights on. Mystery, intrigue, ghosts and young adult problems added to it make for a great read.”

“I’m ecstatic with the glee after finishing it. I would say that everyone needs to read this.”

“Wonderful writing and a story that developed from a gifted author. There was no way I could get enough from this book, it was well done and a thrill ride all the way through. Highly recommend this book!”

“I was really nervous to read this because I do not like clowns AT ALL. I really enjoyed it. The story was fresh and original. The main character was easy to like and the 80s soundtrack was everything!”

“Clowns and I on a good day don’t mix. But now I read about a clown apocalypse in this creepy YA tale. Unique, suspense, mystery, and thriller describe what the author has going on in this tale. It is fast paced with an intriguing plot. There was something just out of reach around each corner to make this a story spookier. With drama and angst, ghosts and dead clowns, people missing and teenagers there is something for all to enjoy.”

“A fast paced paranormal adventure involving crazy clowns, ghosts and well developed characters. There was action that kept me turning the pages.”

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