Ghost Girl to be published!

Great news!
Immortal Works PressGhost Girl is going to be published by Immortal Works Press.
14-year-old Abbey’s love/hate relationship with ghosts is tested when she’s stranded at a spooky summer camp. Her ability to see ghosts has lost her many friends—it scares people and really, who wants to hang out with the ghost girl?—but there’s something addictive about the experience, too. An escalating series of paranormal incidents at camp makes it clear a message is being sent. To solve the mystery, Abbey has to choose between her abilities & her new friends—history has shown she can’t have both.
Abbey is not a happy camper.
Immortal Works is a boutique press that specializes in genre fiction for those looking for an enthralling tale, but don’t want to have to worry about graphic violence, obscene language, or pornographic content. That doesn’t mean their titles don’t have dark villains, irreverent humor, or thrilling romance. It just means that you can expect no more than light PG-13 content. Immortal Works publishes mainstream genre fiction in print, as eBooks, and every one of their titles are available on Audible.
There’s a number of steps that have to happen before Ghost Girl gets published and I’ll use this blog to keep you up-to-date on the journey to publication.