My book has arrived!

They have arrived!

My box of books has arrived, but they’re not just any books. These are my copies of Abnormally Abbey. It feels amazing to hold the book in my hand It’s been a long road since I started writing the book on Halloween years ago.

The process of writing a book doesn’t end with typing, “The end.” Abnormally Abbey has been through easily a dozen revisions and two name changes. At first it was called Spooky Girl, but along the way, I realized Ghost Girl was a stronger title (I love alliteration!). However, Immortal Works already had Grace’s Ghosts and Dead Girl, and they recommended changing the title to have the book stand out. Abnormally Abbey was the result.

Throughout the polishing of the revision process, the writing got better, and as the writing got better, a more distinctive personality came out in the writing. For me, that’s one of the most important parts. Having a unique voice for your characters draws in the reader and makes the reader care about them. But you need more than just a colorful personality to propel a story. As screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (of The West Wing and A Few Good Men) says, you need both intent and obstacles for your characters or it’s just journalism.

For Abbey, her intent is to solve the mystery of the reappearing symbol. Her obstacles were many: the camp itself, the counselors, the other campers and of course, the ghosts. But Abbey can go from princess to warrior when there’s a mystery to solve and nothing—alive or dead—is going to stop her.

Abnormally Abbey is a story about ghosts, but it’s also the story of a fourteen-year-old girl who finds the strength to stand up for herself and become so much more than she ever expected.

I’d love it if you would read it (and post your honest review on Goodreads and Amazon).

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