Class Clown

That awkward moment when you realize you’re responsible for your high school’s clown apocalypse.

Abbey isn’t ordinary, not even close. Ghosts are drawn to her like she’s some sort of a spook magnet—but it’s not as glamorous as it sounds. Dead people suck and have cost her many close friends. Yet it gets worse. Something bad followed Abbey home from the circus. And now dead clowns are at her new high school, and friends have gone missing. Her unique abilities could help, but they also could be the reason for the clown apocalypse. Surviving high school just got tougher.

ABNORMALLY ABBEY introduced us to an unusual 14-year-old, Abbey Hill. With her unerring ability to get into trouble, sarcasm and love of eighties music, she won over many hearts.

And now, coming March 8, 2022 from Immortal Works Press, CLASS CLOWN continues Abbey’s ghostly adventures. This young adult novel mixes humor and thrills, adventure and chills.