Spook Squad update

The upcoming third book in the Abbey series, Spook Squad, will be published Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2024 by Immortal Works Press. The first step in the publication process is working with an editor to refine the manuscript. I’m excited that Spook Squad has been assigned to the excellent John M. Olsen, who edited Class Clown, Killer Blonde and Killer Smile.
After a few rounds of edits comes proofreading, a final read-through by our chief editor, Holli Anderson, and then layout. Advance reader copies (digital ARCs) should be available in May of 2024.

A little on the plot
Ghosts have been coming to Abbey for as long as she can remember. Sometimes, it’s the most magical experience you can imagine; other times, it’s so bad it could scare the pants off a nun. Her ability to talk to ghosts has saved both friends and strangers in need. But it also attracted the wrong sort of attention.

That attention arrived in the form of a domineering federal agent, Suzanne Neri, who insisted that Abbey help her with something dangerous. She told the story of Manfred Krug, a roguish fellow who traveled the world as a fabled trader in the 1920s. As his diary detailed, Krug returned from Shanghai with artifacts that held the power to gather and focus otherworldly energy.

The agent warns that it would be a disaster of biblical proportions if these artifacts fell into the wrong hands. Of course, the government agent “forgot” to mention that someone else is after them. An extremely dangerous someone.

With Neri threatening her family, Abbey has no choice but to help. Enlisting her ride-or-dies, Abbey, Kelly and Lexi set out to explore some of the most haunted places in Minnesota in search of the artifacts. The hunt comes with risk to Abbey’s friends, but the agent is a risk to her family. How can she make the best of an impossible situation?

You’ll find out in 2024.

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