Professional Samples

3M Social Media Campaign

Allan is a writer, storyteller and content creator. Below are some professional writing samples.

In my copywriter role at the B2B advertising agency, Creative Communications Consultants, I wrote all the copy for this client website, created a blog with a colorful persona wrote case studies, as well as writing white papers for a global fire suppression company.

At 3M, I’ve created and written video spots, commercial 1, commercial 2, commercial 3, social media, industry segment cards and case studies.

As a contract writer, I’ve written consumer focused blog posts for Thomson Reuters client’s attorney websites. Here’s three posts.

As Marketing Manager at FirstTech—Legendary Apple Specialist in Uptown Minneapolis—I wrote all website content, B2B marketing pieces such as FirstTech Capabilities and FirstTech Deployment Services, newsletter articles, blog posts and ads: One, two, three and four.

At TSI, I wrote articles, product brochures and press releases in support of our products. I also created, (writing and designing) ad campaigns for TSI products: IAQ-Calc, Alnor, Alnor 2 and lab controls.

At Medtronic, I worked on the product launch for the Affinity Pediatric Arterial filters, writing the product brochure, direct mail and print ads. I also worked on the Cardioblate MAPS device launch, writing the product brochure and a print ad. Contracting in the CardioVascular division brought variety to my life, like writing this print ad for a medical journal. I also wrote a poster for the Race Across America event. I even ghost wrote newspaper articles for cardiac surgeons.

At Piper Jaffray, I provided marketing support to the firm’s financial advisors. I wrote and designed print advertising: One, Two and Three, financial advisor brochures, direct mail postcards, and internal communication pieces such as this best practices article. With every job, you have to have some fun: here’s a just-for-fun take off on the Ameriprise Unique Generation campaign.